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bose noise cancelling vs. beats by dre noise cancelling headphones

bose noise cancelling vs. beats by dre noise cancelling headphones

okay, i was wondering which noise cancelling headphones you guys liked better. which have better sound quality, andor which cancel the noise better. just overall, likes and dislikes of one or both. i would really like to know you opinions on either product or if you have listened to both that would be great too. thanks, i appreciate it.

depending on the models, the bose generally use electronics to cancel noise and the beats just do it because they are of insulation. as for sound quality, bose have thatofficial bose sound, where as the beats tend to be bass heavy. they are both brand named products, and you will pay for that logo. i know the beats price are generally consist of a 50 - 60 general markup. bose is more like 30. so many times i have seen people mad bause Beats by dre nz they broke their $300 headphones in a week. when in reality they are worth like $100. honestly, do not do it. a good pair of actual studio headphones. do not waste your money with all this branded mainstream junk.
21.12.12 06:29


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